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Carpet Patching Services

Carpet patching is the perfect solution for permanent stains, burns, ground in gum and wax or claw damage from over-excited pets.

You may have extra carpet left over by your installer, if not no worries, we can use ‘donor’ carpet from an inconspicuous place like a closet. But don’t worry, we won’t leave a bare patch.

Instead, we will replace the patch in your closet with a small piece of carpet we bring with us. Something neutral that won’t be noticed easily. This method allows an exact match to the carpet in your home, creating a seamless patch that looks as good as new.

Areas that get heavy walking traffic or sun exposure may have abrasion damage or be faded slightly, but trust us – a brighter patch is much less noticeable than a hole in your carpet!

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We had them come out to our house and they did an amazing job! Got every stain out! And we have 3 children! We were moving to a new house and were told the carpets were going to be deep cleaned. We got the keys the day before we were supposed to move in… to find out they were not deep cleaned.

We called Foothills and they came and stayed so late to make sure it was done for us before we moved it! Every time we have used them there is a huge difference in the carpets! They are amazing, friendly and very knowledgeable about there profession!
Highly recommend them!

Jennifer DeLuca