Carpet Protection and Maintenance in Greenville, SC

Carpet protection and maintenance is a proactive plan to keep your carpet healthy and clean. When you purchase good quality carpet, taking this extra step may add years to the lifespan of that investment. Using our recommended approach will keep your carpet looking better and lasting longer.

Carpet protection steps make your carpet resistant to both soil and stains. Those red liquid stains, Carolina clay, child or pet mess do less damage along the way with these treatments.

Maintenance is a breeze with our automated scheduling. No need to create a calendar reminder, we will call you when it’s time for your next carpet protection and maintenance cleaning.

Foothills Carpet Care is proud to offer premium quality carpet protection that creates a barrier to soils and stains making them much easier to clean. Protect your investment while keeping you home clean and healthy by asking about our carpet protection and maintenance plan.

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