Carpet Stain Removal Services in Greenville, SC

Difficult carpet stain removal is something of a specialty for us at Foothills Carpet Care. Whether it is Kool Aid, spaghetti sauce, pet or child created messes, good ol’ Carolina clay or any of the other millions of things that can create stains – we accept the challenge.

After cleaning over 10,000 homes and apartments – Samantha and Adam have seen just about everything. We’d love to say that every stain is completely removable – that would be a lie. Some stains are permanent but the right tools, detergents, and techniques can improve an unsightly stain quite a bit.

The most common carpet stains of all are red liquids and coffee. They seem to be a carpet magnet, so we have a lot of experience we these. Typically, these difficult stains are no match for our special carpet stain removal techniques.

If you want to increase the odds of prominent stains being removed effectively, try these tips from the pros”

  • Thing to do
  • Thing not to do

Unsure if your stain is removable? We are always up for a challenge to try to remove any kind of stain, and most of the time we can.

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