Pet Damage Treatment in Greenville, SC

Pet stain removal is a source of stress for homeowners. We all love our pets, but they are hard on our carpeting. Even the best pets have accidents and over time, these spots can add up. Odors and stains become the constant concern of proud homeowners.

The good news is that it isn’t too late for that pet damaged carpet. It is possible to repair damage done by pets and to protect your carpet from future damage. It’s the ultimate showdown between Fido and our entire array of carpet cleaning skills and tools. For example, pet damage may result in:

All of these together create comprehensive pet treatments – individualized to your particular needs.

It isn’t always in the best interest of homeowners to clean or restore their carpets. You have our promise that we will always provide a free estimate and honest feedback about the status of your carpets. If they won’t clean up well, we will tell you! Adam and Samantha have a great deal of experience restoring pet damaged carpets so they are a great resource for understanding your options.

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