Tile, Grout & Backsplash Cleaning in Greenville, SC

Our goal when it comes to quality floor and fabric cleaning is for One
call to clean it all! Foothills Carpet Care is happy to offer comprehensive
tile cleaning options.

With our powerful truck mounted equipment, we are able to clean the
tile and grout with 900-1000psi water pressure and 200 degree heat.

Sweeping and mopping are definitely great for maintenance of tile, but
a scalding hot rinse and scrubbing of tile leaves them steam cleaned,
sanitized and in our opinion is the best way to clean tile and grout.

Tile cleaning is one of the more recent additions to our services. We
continued getting more and more requests and a couple years ago we
invested in the additional tools and equipment to deep clean tile. It has
been popular so we have now added multiple tile cleaning wands and
tools for different floor configurations. That has been part of our efforts
to offer convenient and comprehensive service. Even more recently we
have begun offering Backsplash and tile shower cleaning.

Ceramic tile is a very popular option for kitchens and bathrooms for
many reasons, foremost because of durability and ease of cleaning. If
the tile is installed correctly, it is an extremely water-resistant material,
and tile is one of the most durable materials. Grout must be properly
sealed to keep from absorbing moisture.

There are many options for color and texture, now they even
manufacture both stone and wood style tiles. There are also many
different styles of grout that can be customized and sealed.

Now with our new backsplash detailing tool we are able to deep clean
smaller tiled areas and vertical tiles. Also, if you have tile in your
shower now, we can deep clean, sanitize and detail all the surfaces in
your kitchens and bathrooms as well.

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