Water Extraction in Greenville, SC

Water extraction is serious business. When your carpet becomes wet enough to squish – fast action is key. Without proper water extraction equipment and expertise, water damage can cause mold and eventually structural issues in your home. Your ceiling fan and an open window just aren’t enough to dry the carpet, pad, and sub-flooring. You need the thorough water extraction service offered by Foothills Carpet Care.

Adam has been through the water damage restoration course and certification which allows Foothills Carpet Care to offer this service. With the right knowledge and the right equipment, your home is in good hands. Foothills Carpet Care water extraction equipment includes large commercial dehumidifiers, which we rent along with commercial air dryers when needed. This allows us to dry not just the surface of the carpet but also the sub-floor.

We have a great deal of experience drying out homes and offer a very thorough service.  Flooding issues stem from a variety of water damage, but plumbing or roofing problems are most common. You’ve got enough on your plate when dealing with those disasters. Consider the carpet care situation handled when you call Adam and Sam!

Our goal is to help consumers meet their needs, putting customer service over sales. As owner-operators, we aren’t worried about commission, just helping our customers during a stressful situation.

For small floods and minimal water damage, many times it is in the clients best interest to simply pay for the work out of pocket. Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently cancel coverage if a homeowner has multiple claims.

Many water extraction companies have built their business model on insurance claims. Because of this, the recommended amount of work is – in our estimation – overkill. It is rarely the best option to do more to justify the insurance claim.

If we feel the work is beyond the scope of our expertise or equipment, we will always refer you to the best company. We make the same promise if we believe that you would be best off with an insurance claim. We focus on the smaller floods and water damage incidents where we can really help out homeowners, but choose not to work with insurance companies at this time.

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