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Simpsonville is one of our favorite cities, it just has so many things going for it to love. The new Sidewall Pizza in downtown Simpsonville is amazing, and we’ve spent some time at the new arcade enjoying some retro video games and pinball.

Our carpet repair services include:

Interestingly one year during the winter (which historically is the slow season) carpet cleaning work got especially slow and Adam decided to try getting a job at a factory to see how he liked that. It was just outside Simpsonville. He really enjoyed and learned alot from the experience. It was the only time he worked in a factory setting, and the early morning shift worked out really well for his schedule, he was able to keep the carpet cleaning business going in the afternoons and he really appreciated the opportunity to meet a lot of nice people and learn lessons from the manufacturing business.

As with everything, that season eventually ended and the factory management moved in a different direction, but he will always appreciate the lessons he learned and apply them to new opportunities

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In addition to serving Simpsonville, we also service the surrounding areas. This includes:

Carpet Repair in Simpsonville SC

Simpsonville is a huge area – but whether you live in the downtown area, off Five Forks, or off Fairview Road, we can help. Foothills Carpet Care offers high quality carpet repair and carpet cleaning services in Greenville County. We can help with rips, ripples, pet stains, wine stains, child stains, burn holes, and more. Before you spend thousands replacing your carpet – give us a call. Foothills Carpet Care will happily provide an estimate and diagnostic!

Pro Carpet Repairs Offers These Services in Simpsonville, SC

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Difficult carpet stain removal is something of a specialty for us at Foothills Carpet Care. Whether it is Kool-Aid, spaghetti sauce, pet or child-created messes, good ol’ Carolina clay, or any of the other thousands of things that can create stains – we accept the...

Specialty Services

Some of the services that we offer at Foothills Carpet Care are a little outside of what most people think of when they consider carpet cleaning services. We only offer services that we are fully trained in, have the right equipment for, and possess the confidence and...

Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair in Upstate, SC Carpet repairs are often a good way to extend the life of a damaged or frayed carpet. Carpet repair is a catch-all term for many types of repair services. Damage can happen from children, pets, normal wear and tear, water damage, and more....

Additional Service Areas

In addition to serving Simpsonville, SC, We offer services in the surrounding areas, including:

Greenville SC

We have saved thousands of Greenville SC area carpets. We would love to...

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We had them come out to our house and they did an amazing job! Got every stain out! And we have 3 children! We were moving to a new house and were told the carpets were going to be deep cleaned. We got the keys the day before we were supposed to move in… to find out they were not deep cleaned.

We called Foothills and they came and stayed so late to make sure it was done for us before we moved it! Every time we have used them there is a huge difference in the carpets! They are amazing, friendly and very knowledgeable about there profession!
Highly recommend them!

Jennifer DeLuca