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Specialty Services Services

Some of the services that we offer at Foothills Carpet Care are a little outside of what most people think of when they consider carpet cleaning services. We only offer services that we are fully trained in, have the right equipment for, and possess the confidence and experience necessary to make it a great experience for our customers.

Upholstery Cleaning

Foothills Carpet Care also handles upholstery cleaning. Go ahead, eat pizza on your couch! Upholstery cleaning refers to the care and maintenance of fabric materials typically seen on furniture. Basically, we can probably clean your couch and chairs in addition to your floor!

Our premium upholstery cleaning includes a pre-spray treatment that is specially made to work on these fabrics. Don’t worry – we will check to make sure it is completely safe to use. There won’t be any discoloration or damage. If you would like, we can finish the service with a fabric protection spray which extends the life of your fabric and saves it from damaging stains.

Odor Control

Odor control is one of the specialty services offered by Foothills Carpet Care. We have available several types of chemicals and deodorizers that can help with odors.

Think your stink is beyond repair? You’d be surprised at how effective these odor control deodorizers can be. One of them is even designed to help with the extremely bad odor that comes from skunks!

Hopefully you aren’t living with skunk stink, but from mild odors to the most noxious smells – Foothills Carpet Care has odor control products for carpet covered.

Water Extraction

Water extraction is serious business. When your carpet becomes wet enough to squish – fast action is key. Without proper water extraction equipment and expertise, water damage can cause mold and eventually structural issues in your home.

Carpet Dying

Carpet dying, or exact spot matching, is an art more than a science. At Foothills Carpet Care, we have practiced that art and – hey, we think we are pretty darn good at it.

We carry carpet dye with us on all of our jobs, just in case we need it to spot dye a bleached out stain in your carpeting. Usually, these spots come from a homeowner trying to use chemicals that aren’t meant for carpets. Oops. Bleach is a surprisingly common culprit.

Sometimes the chemical will destroy the carpet, but many times we are able to mix up a carpet dye mixture and add color back to the carpet to restore its color.


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We had them come out to our house and they did an amazing job! Got every stain out! And we have 3 children! We were moving to a new house and were told the carpets were going to be deep cleaned. We got the keys the day before we were supposed to move in… to find out they were not deep cleaned.

We called Foothills and they came and stayed so late to make sure it was done for us before we moved it! Every time we have used them there is a huge difference in the carpets! They are amazing, friendly and very knowledgeable about there profession!
Highly recommend them!

Jennifer DeLuca