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We have saved thousands of carpets in Taylors SC and the surrounding area.

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Taylors will always have a special place in our hearts because our Greenville story started in Taylors SC. When Adam first decided to start the business he moved to one of the apartment complexes off of Brushy Creek Rd. It was where he lived while he built up the small business into enough to support their new family. We still work in Taylors every week and we live very close by.

Our carpet repair services include:

Additional Service Areas

In addition to serving Taylors, we also service the surrounding areas. This includes:

Carpet Repair in Taylors SC

Taylors SC homeowners trust Foothills Carpet Care to help them care for their flooring. Instead of replacing your carpet, first call Foothills. We can often make ripped, torn, shredded, stained, or bleached fibers look as good as new again. You’ll save thousands and love the work that we do, helping your carpet look (almost) as good as new.

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Pro Carpet Repairs Offers These Services in Taylors SC

Carpet Dyeing – Exact Spot Matching

Carpet Dyeing – Exact Spot Matching

Carpet Dying - Exact Spot Matching in Greenville, SC Carpet dying, or exact spot matching is an art more than a science. At Foothills Carpet Care, we have practiced that art, and – hey, we think we are pretty darn good at it. We carry carpet dye with us on all of our...

Tile, Grout, & Backsplash Cleaning

Our goal when it comes to quality floor and fabric cleaning is for Onecall to clean it all! Foothills Carpet Care is happy to offer comprehensivetile cleaning options. With our powerful truck mounted equipment, we are able to clean thetile and grout with 900-1000psi...

Additional Service Areas

In addition to serving Taylors SC, We offer services in the surrounding areas, including:
Five Forks, SC

Five Forks, SC

We are happy to work in the Five Forks area! We have several good friends...

Spartanburg SC

We are constantly working in Spartanburg cleaning carpet and doing...

Simpsonville, SC

Simpsonville, SC

Simpsonville is one of our favorite cities, it just has so many things...

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We had them come out to our house and they did an amazing job! Got every stain out! And we have 3 children! We were moving to a new house and were told the carpets were going to be deep cleaned. We got the keys the day before we were supposed to move in… to find out they were not deep cleaned.

We called Foothills and they came and stayed so late to make sure it was done for us before we moved it! Every time we have used them there is a huge difference in the carpets! They are amazing, friendly and very knowledgeable about there profession!
Highly recommend them!

Jennifer DeLuca