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Travelers Rest SC is the northernmost area we are able to cover in our normal service area. For Cherrydale and the closer side we do not charge any additional service area fee. 

Our carpet repair services include:

We have had a lot of fun and many great memories in Travelers Rest! The first couple years of being married after we moved here, back about 2010 we met a friend that hosted a trivia night at ‘the barn’ out in Travelers Rest. It isn’t called that anymore and there isn’t a trivia night but we had so much fun driving out and doing both music trivia and sports trivia.

Every once in a while even Karaoke. It is interesting to reflect on how just being friendly and meeting people (we met our trivia friend at Fatz as our server) one new friend can introduce you to an entire new group of friends. We had a blast every week for months until the trivia ended.  We also enjoy the Little Red Barn board game store. We love board games!

Additional Service Areas

In addition to serving TR, we also service the surrounding areas. This includes:

Carpet Repair in Travelers Rest SC

If you are looking for help saving your carpet in the TR, Furman, Berea, or Cherrydale areas – Foothills Carpet Care should be your first call. We can help with rips, pet damage, threshold tears, wrinkles, stains, bleach marks, and more.

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Pro Carpet Repairs Offers These Services in Travelers Rest SC

Pet Damage

Pet Damage

Pet Damage Treatment in Upstate, SCPet stain removal is a source of stress for homeowners. We all love our pets, but they are hard on our carpeting. Even the best pets have accidents and over time, these spots can add up. Odors and stains become the constant concern...

Commercial Services

We are very grateful for all of the commercial and industrial contracts and clients we have had over the past 10 years we have been in business. We offer special discounted for volume rates for our commercial services. Just ask us about it! Management Companies Carpet...

Carpet Patching

Carpet patching is the perfect solution for permanent stains, burns, ground in gum and wax or claw damage from over-excited pets. You may have extra carpet left over by your installer, if not no worries, we can use 'donor' carpet from an inconspicuous place like a...

Additional Service Areas

In addition to serving Travelers Rest SC, We offer services in the surrounding areas, including:
Simpsonville, SC

Simpsonville, SC

Simpsonville is one of our favorite cities, it just has so many things...

Greer SC

We save carpets in Greer SC - can we save yours? Find Out Now Call...

Mauldin SC

We have saved thousands of Mauldin SC area carpets. Will you let us save...

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We had them come out to our house and they did an amazing job! Got every stain out! And we have 3 children! We were moving to a new house and were told the carpets were going to be deep cleaned. We got the keys the day before we were supposed to move in… to find out they were not deep cleaned.

We called Foothills and they came and stayed so late to make sure it was done for us before we moved it! Every time we have used them there is a huge difference in the carpets! They are amazing, friendly and very knowledgeable about there profession!
Highly recommend them!

Jennifer DeLuca